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IoT field gateway webinar

Discover how a field gateway speeds up your IoT projects

Thursday 4 May, 14:00 CEST

IoT field gateway webinar


  • Start webinar

     A summary of the topics we will address:

    • What is a field gateway and when should you decide for one
    • What should you look for in a gateway
    • How to accelerate device onboarding using a field gateway

  • Q&A

    Still having questions? We are happy to answer them at the end of the webinar. 

  • -- 14:40 End of webinar --

Are you ready to take the next step within your IoT project? Do you want to connect your devices to the cloud?

IoT field gateways are crucial if you want to roll out an efficient, secure and manageable system. In this webinar, you will find out everything about field gateways and how they cope with connectivity issues and security challenges. 

Your takeaways from this webinar

This webinar is hosted by Luis Delgado, Technical Director of Codit Switzerland. Luis will show you the main reasons behind introducing a gateway into your IoT architecture and tell you how you should use field gateways as solution accelerators for IoT rollouts.

Furthermore, he will help you find an answer to your key question: should you connect your devices directly to the cloud or consolidate them via a field gateway.

Practical Info

• Date: Thursday 4 May
• Timing: From 14:00 till 14:40 Central European Summer Time
• Language: English
• Participation: free, but you need to register to join

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Watch the recording:


  • The truth about IoT field gateways - by Luis Delgado

    Should you connect your devices directly to the cloud, or rather consolidate them via a field gateway? In this session, Luis will share Codit its project experiences regarding IoT solutions and will explain you more about the selection criteria for field gateways. He will tackle questions like what capabilities should the gateway offer you, and what does it mean for the future roadmap of your IoT solution?


  • Luis Delgado

    Using field gateways as solution accelerators for IoT rollouts

    Luis Delgado

    As Switzerland's Technical Director, Luis is responsible for leading the Swiss subsidiary service delivery, local recruitment and business development within the Swiss market.

    Luis was a former Microsoft employee, where he worked as a technical advisor for large commercial and global organizations, and brings over 15 years of experience in the development of software solutions.